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UA/RS 21. Alumni

 Record Group Term
Identifier: UA/RS 21

Found in 22 Collections and/or Records:

Byron Bird papers

 Collection — Box 1: [Barcode: 32792030046514]
Identifier: RS 21/7/199
Scope and Contents

This collection contains biographical information, correspondence, and photographs related to Byron Bird's time at Iowa State University and his son, Byron Bird, Jr.

Dates: 1907-2008, undated

Clarence D. Chamberlin papers

 Collection — Box 1: [Barcode: 32792030193282]
Identifier: RS 21/7/6
Scope and Content

This collection contains numerous newspaper accounts of the 1927 flight as well information relating to the banquet that celebrated the event. There are also photographs of the plane and flight crew.

Dates: 1917-2004, undated

Cora Belle Keith Pierce Botanical Specimen Book

 Collection — Box 1: [Barcode: 32792030048023]
Identifier: RS 21/7/136
Scope and Content This collection (1875) contains one volume of botanical specimens collected by Cora Belle Keith Pierce. Pierce collected the sixty-three plant samples on or near the Iowa Agricultural College (Iowa State University) campus from April through September 1875 as a requirement for her sophomore year botany classes. Many of the samples are labeled with each plant's order, genus, species, habitat, and date collected. Some items are left unidentified. Several samples, including mosses and some...
Dates: 1875

Doris Mary (Hill) Cromer papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: RS 21/7/86
Scope and Content

The collection (1915-1917, undated) contains personal and graduation information, dance cards, fee receipts, and class notes. The class notes relate to subjects such as home management, textiles, food preparation, and chemistry.

Dates: 1915-1917, undated

Elva Mosher scrapbook

 Collection — Box 1: [Barcode: 32792030046472]
Identifier: RS 21/7/161
Scope and Contents

This collection contains a scrapbook made by Elva Mosher during her time at Iowa State University.

Dates: 1908

Evelyn DeMoss papers

 Collection — Box 1: [Barcode: 32792030046498]
Identifier: RS 21/7/170
Scope and Contents

This collection contains a scrapbook made by Evelyn DeMoss for a Pyschology class at Iowa State University.

Dates: 1956

Fan-Chi Kung papers

 Collection — Box 1: [Barcode: 32792030195667]
Identifier: RS 21/7/49
Scope and Content

This collection includes newspaper clippings about Kung’s death in an automobile accident and a photograph album. The album contains photographs of Kung’s time as a student at Iowa State, along with photographs of Cheng Shaochiung and other unidentified Chinese students.

Dates: 1920-1930

Frank and Jeannette Schultz scrapbooks

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: RS 21/7/221
Scope and Content This collection (1903-1920) contains two college scrapbooks created by Frank and Jeannette Schultz. Frank M. Schultz's scrapbook contains newspaper articles, quotes, and ticket stubs for traveling, performances, and athletic events. There are many photographs in his scrapbook of his fraternity house mates, events, and buildings on campus. There are also ribbons he received while attending Iowa State, various programs, and grade cards. The scrapbook also includes...
Dates: 1903-1920

Henry M. Holmes papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: RS 21/7/262
Scope and Content

This collection contains materials Holmes acquired as a freshman in engineering at Iowa State in 1941. Included in the collection are papers from his English and engineering classes, freshman orientation programs and guides, a touch football manual, a wrestling guide written by Iowa State wrestling coach Hugo Otopalik, a student conduct guide, and a fraternity promotional booklet from the Greek system.

Dates: 1938-1942

Ralph V. Hussong papers

 Collection — Box 1: [Barcode: 32792029519851]
Identifier: RS 21/7/264
Content Description

This small collection contains several scrapbook pages, but not the entire scrapbook, along with several pins and other artifacts.

Dates: 1922-1941, undated

James P. Talcott scrapbook

 Collection — Box 1: [Barcode: 32792030126662]
Identifier: RS 21/7/153
Scope and Contents

This collection contains a scrapbook created by James P. Talcott during his years at Iowa State University that highlights the social life and events, buildings and landscapes, sports, and military activities of Iowa State during the 1910s. The scrapbook also contains photographs and clippings about his last year of high school and the 4 years after his time at Iowa State.

Dates: 1911-1919

Jean M. MacFarlane scrapbook

 Collection — Box 1: [Barcode: 32792030054781]
Identifier: RS 21/7/194
Scope and Content

This collection (1919-1924, undated) consists of a college scrapbook created by Jean M. MacFarlane. The collection includes an assortment of dance cards, news clippings, invitations, and other memorabilia. The scrapbook also contains photographs of Jean’s friends and classmates.

Dates: 1919-1924, undated

Leo Thomas Webber scrapbook

 Collection — Box 1: [Barcode: 32792030197762]
Identifier: RS 21/7/251
Abstract Leo Thomas Webber was born June 6, 1904, to Thomas H. and Annastasia S. (Casey) Webber. He grew up in Waterloo, Iowa. Webber received B.S. (1928) in electrical engineering from Iowa State College (University). This collection contains a photograph scrapbook created by Webber while he was a student at Iowa State. The photographs show students on campus, several images of large groups of people, and a number of images of Webber and his fraternity brothers. There are also several images of the...
Dates: 1919-1927 circa

Marianne Crow Larsen papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: RS 21/7/201
Scope and Content

This collection (1947-1976, undated) contains biographical information and other materials related to Crowe’s involvement at Iowa State, including newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, photographs, student handbooks, and dance cards. This collection also includes correspondence between Marianne and her family and friends about her time as a student at Iowa State.

Dates: 1947-1976, undated

Philip Cecil McConnell scrapbook

 Collection — Box 1: [Barcode: 32792030055234]
Identifier: RS 21/7/260
Abstract Philip Cecil McConnell was an agricultural engineering student at Iowa State College (University) from 1914 to 1917. This scrapbook documents his life from the start of his college career through his military service in World War I and finally his graduation from the University of California in 1922. The scrapbook contains photographs and other materials documenting campus life at Iowa State, interactions with friends, and military training in France. A folder containing a small number of...
Dates: 1914-1922

Richard Christian papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: RS 21/7/236
Scope and Content

This collection (1945-1948, undated) contains Christian's class notes and course syllabi for electrical engineering courses he completed at Iowa State College (University). The coursework is contained in notebooks, each identified by Christian. The collection also contains a brief resume prepared for Christian during his final year at Iowa State.

Dates: 1945-1948, undated

Robert Jack Sharps letters

Identifier: RS 21/7/219
Scope and Content This collection (1899) contains letters between Robert Jack Sharps and his family while he was attending classes at Iowa State College (University). The letters are primarily from Sharps to his family though there are a few in the collection from his mother and father. The letters span from August, when Sharps first arrived on campus, to November, when Sharps was preparing to finish up his coursework and return home. The letters are not a complete set of correspondence during this time...
Dates: 1899

W. Lee Honeyman papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: RS 21/7/239

W. Lee Honeyman received his B.S. (1943) in animal science from Iowa State College (University). This collection contains many of the notebooks Honeyman used to record his class notes. Included in the collection are notebooks containing course notes for classes in agricultural economics, agricultural engineering, agronomy, animal husbandry, bacteriology, dairy industry, economics, government, history, mathematics, music appreciation, speech, veterinary anatomy, and zoology.

Dates: 1940-1944, undated

Walter Wayne Umland scrapbook

 Collection — Box 1: [Barcode: 32792030054450]
Identifier: RS 21/7/116
Scope and Content

This collection (1917-1920) consists of a scrapbook of college memorabilia compiled by Umland during his undergraduate coursework at Iowa State College (University) and includes programs, dance cards, photographs of campus, and news clippings.

Dates: 1917-1920

Wilford Mervin Taylor Iowa State College scrapbook and photographs

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: RS 21/7/122
Scope and Content

This collection (1910-1911) contains a scrapbook and photographs documenting the Iowa State College baseball, football, and track teams and the Ozark fraternity. In addition to photographs, the scrapbook also contains several news clippings and artifacts highlighting activities Taylor participated in as a student. A number of loose photographs and a program for the Iowa versus Iowa State football game were removed from the scrapbook and placed in Box 1, Folder 3.

Dates: 1910-1911

William A. Smith scrapbook

 Collection — Box 1: [Barcode: 32792030055192]
Identifier: RS 21/7/245

William A. Smith graduated from Iowa State College (University) with a B.S. (1912) in forestry. Following graduation, he worked for the U.S. Forest Service. This scrapbook contains photographs depicting Smith's college years and his work with the U.S. Forest Service.

Dates: 1909-1914, 2013

William A. Weber papers

 Collection — Box 1: [Barcode: 32792030046506]
Identifier: RS 21/7/173
Scope and Contents

This collection contains William A. Weber's Vitae and reminiscene of Iowa State University, as well as correspondence.

Dates: 1999-2004